#10. The Tactical Goober

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In this super serious episode of the FAST OC podcast Lance, Trent and Christina discuss reloading for self defense, the implications of instructors wearing body armor, the cost per squirrel when hunting with Russian anti tank missiles, the recently discovered 132 year old 1873 rifle standing up against a tree… then they tackle the subject of women in shooting...

Show Notes:

The AR Pistol brace Ruling by the ATF

The New York legal AR-15 

132 Year Old Rifle found propped up against a tree

Matt Best (MBest11x) videos

Article 15 Clothing


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Podcast is produced by Ian Wright and Lance Boland.

#9. I Look Like A Viking Terrorist

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Lance hosts as Ian forgot he was supposed to be in the OC. He’s joined by instructors Jeremy, Trent and Christina to talk about responsibility, the cost of negligence, beards, and the concept of J.B.O (Just Below Operator). 

On a morse serious note we talk about the question of warning shots, some discussion on shooting and instructing… then the politics of protecting firearms rights because it can’t all be light hearted. 

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#8. Semper Fidality

Well, we’re back and we bring the answers the question "Where the hell have you been?".

Once that's dealt with there’s some compelling firearms podcasting as Lance and Ian see if they can hold a .308 round in their beards, we find out why Richy has “Peruta” tattoo’d down his arm, and we can not remember for a the life of us what Mom’s actually Demand.

We bring news on the Peruta case (CCW in 9th Circuit), and of course the legal system being what it is... that all changed the next day as Kamala Harris sticks her oar in again to delay things.

We apologise for the lower than usual recording quality, it's the first time we have recorded with all of us in the same room from one mic and the recording process could do with a little tweaking.

Show notes:

The Peruta Case - Challenging The California "Good Cause" Requirement.

The Calguns Foundation - CCW Information Centre 


#7 - Tactical Burrito

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In this episode Jeremy explains why he carries Hello Kitty band aids and invents a new way to conceal carry, Lance likes Chipotle (but not when someone is at low ready) and Ian calls the police.


Links discussed in the show:

After many years of service, the Army is looking to replace the venerable Beretta M9 9mm handgun with something else.

NSSF study- Target Shooting in America: Millions of Shooters, Billions of Dollars 


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#6 - Drive By Bayonetting

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In this packed episode Lance invents a new crime that California legislation has already solved, we are all stunned that the media could be biased and ponder on how a Brit got enough practice to hold the record for longest sniper shot.

We also cover long range shooting and the Marines on the show get excited about a scope. We then discuss exactly how the ban on guns in the UK came about and compare it to how mass shootings in the U.S are dealt with.

The podcast ends with a story you could not make up.

Links discussed in the show:

H&K VP9 Polymer Semi Auto Pistol

Schmidt - Bender PM II Scopes  

Homeowner Calls 911 And Is Transferred To Voicemail

Operation Fast And Furious

Book: The Unarmed Truth: My Fight to Blow the Whistle and Expose Fast and Furious

Ranger SXT Defense Ammunition

Hornady Critical Defense  - Truth About Guns review 

The Apendix Carry Incident


Some special thanks goes out to Rob Morse at the Polite Society Podcast and Slow Facts blog for help fixing with an audio issue. Thanks mate!


#5 - Feinstein Ate My Hamster

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In this episode Ian reads a poem about firearms, Jeremy realizes that the common denominator for his Springfield XD failing is Ian’s presence, Lance goes on an epic rant and FAST OC has a new service it will not actually be providing to help you get used to having your guns loaded.


There's no main topic this month as our new section inspires a long conversation and several rants.


Links discussed in the show:

Concealed Carriers Stop Shooting At Mall

Restaurant Posts No Guns Sign Then Gets Robbed At Gunpoint

Arizona Cop Told Not To Wear Uniform At Daughters School.

Justices Rule Police Do Not Have A Constitutional Duty To Protect.

Antoinette Tuft Talks Down Georgia School Gunman


FAST OC's Muppet Of The Month Award goes to:

Rep. Peter King (NY - Republican) for using the dead to push his political agenda.

The list of gun laws California has stacked on top of each other:

1. California already has universal background checks on private transactions.

 2. California already has a 10 day waiting period on firearms transfers. 

3. California already has a mental health database that is used to construct a list of prohibited persons. 

4. California already has magazine limits. 

5. California already limits the types of firearms that can be purchased and owned. 

6. In most areas of California, especially urban areas, concealed carry is all but banned. Santa Barbera is effectively no issue.

7. California guns have to be transported unloaded and in a locked box.

8. Approved handguns only - we have a “safe gun” list.


Emails And Questions:


Hello everyone, I am fairly new to owning guns. I have started by getting some training but having trouble getting over the barrier of keeping my Glock loaded as it doesn’t have a safety. I also want to get my carry permit soon so have you any advice about getting used to having a loaded gun on your person?


Thanks for the podcast, I like the way you are approaching it with the new shooter in mind.




#4 - My Little Holster

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May 22nd 2014

In this episode, Ian has found a belt to keep his pants up, lance says nothing derogatory about Glocks and we recommend going to ranges with bad reviews. 

For our main subject we go in depth about becoming a firearms instructor.

To contact anyone on the show, use the first name of the person you want it to go to and add @fastoc.com 

Links discussed in the show:

Ian's inexpensive holster

Become an NRA instructor



Gang member tries home invasion, gets shot by drug dealers girlfriend.

Miami PD fires 377 rounds at suspects; wounds two of it's own.



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Emails and questions:

None this week. 

#3. So, A Glock Then?

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May 10th 2014

Lance has deliberately grown a tactical beard. Ian grew his by accident. FAST OC has a bar.  We discuss a very dubious self defense claim by a man facing murder charges. A listener wants to know what guns we run.

Main topics are about getting someone into shooting and purchasing a first handgun. 

To contact anyone on the show, use the first name of the person you want it to go to and add @fastoc.com 

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Links discussed in the show:

Minnesota Man Shows Importance Of Shooting To Stop The Threat Over Shooting To Kill

Second Call

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

Texas Law Shield

Emails and questions:

Hey guys, listened to your first podcasts and enjoying them - I hope you will talk more about AR’s. I’m looking to buy my first one and there’s a lot of stuff out there! 

I’m also curious to know what guns you like to shoot/carry?

Keep up the good work!

Craig, CA


#2. Nobody Likes A Range Nazi

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May 5th 2014

In episode two we introduce fellow instructor Jeremy, then Lance talks about becoming an NRA Training Counselor and Ian gets told to suck it regarding 1911’s. 

The main topic is about the barriers to entry when it comes to shooting - whether it’s buying a first first firearm, going to the range to shoot or becoming a three gun ninja.

To contact anyone on the show, use the first name of the person you want it to go to and add @fastoc.com 


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#1. But It's Not Loaded!

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April 30th 2014

In our inaugural episode Ian and lance figure out how to plug in their microphones. We talk about a defensive gun use in Alabama.  Lance talks a lot and drops some knowledge while Ian makes five word statement guaranteed to bring a few angry emails. 

The main topic is "Firearms Fallacies".  We deconstruct some myths and talk briefly about "that guy" at the range. 

For show notes and links please visit fastoc.com/podcast

To contact us, use the first name of the person you want it to go to and add @fastoc.com 

Links from the show:

Alabama Homeowner Shoots Knife Attacker

Dynamic Pie Concepts - Tactical Blind Fire


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