#3. So, A Glock Then?

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May 10th 2014

Lance has deliberately grown a tactical beard. Ian grew his by accident. FAST OC has a bar.  We discuss a very dubious self defense claim by a man facing murder charges. A listener wants to know what guns we run.

Main topics are about getting someone into shooting and purchasing a first handgun. 

To contact anyone on the show, use the first name of the person you want it to go to and add @fastoc.com 

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Links discussed in the show:

Minnesota Man Shows Importance Of Shooting To Stop The Threat Over Shooting To Kill

Second Call

Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

Texas Law Shield

Emails and questions:

Hey guys, listened to your first podcasts and enjoying them - I hope you will talk more about AR’s. I’m looking to buy my first one and there’s a lot of stuff out there! 

I’m also curious to know what guns you like to shoot/carry?

Keep up the good work!

Craig, CA