Course Catalog

The following is a breakdown of our course curriculum. As new and more disciplinary courses are added, we continually update the catalog accordingly.


Handgun Disciplines:

Basic: For new shooters and those getting back to the basics, this course covers handgun and ammunition knowledge and nomenclature, as well as shooting fundamentals with 2 hrs on the range to try out over 12 handguns. (8 Hrs)
Intermediate: Marksmanship focused course, with a variety of static drills and targets to sharpen precision marksmanship to prepare for CCW, bullseye, or IDPA. (4 Hrs)
Defensive/CCW: Tactical marksmanship and movement drills, as well as covering the realistic scenarios, moral responsibility, and legal ramifications of using a handgun defensively. (16 Hrs)
Advanced: Scenario-based live-fire courses that vary on focus and drills each month. (4+ Hrs)
Competition Courses: These courses are focused on the competitive sports and emphasize drills oriented around real-world match designs and timed courses of fire. (Varied)


Rifle Disciplines:

Basic: Introductory course covering different types of rifles, emphasizing popular models like the AR-15. Covers nomenclature, ammunition, operation, fundamentals, and precision marksmanship. (8 Hrs)
Intermediate: Live-fire drills covering positional shooting, stress shooting, greater precision marksmanship, as well as scope and sight adjustments with specific drills. (4 Hrs)
Precision: Multiple phases focused on PRS and Long Range shooting, progressing students from first groups at 25-100 yards (Phase 1/2) out to 300-800 yards (Phase 3/4). Single day courses at various ranges & classrooms to utilize different aspects of marksmanship. (Varies, 4-16 Hrs)
Tactical: Combination course (Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun) focused on tactical drills, weapon transitions, and low light/CQB drills. (4-8 Hrs)


SHOTGUN Disciplines:

Basic: Introductory course for new and experienced shooters to learn the fundamentals of various shotgun actions and uses, ammunition, and shooting skills applied to sporting clays & trap games. Foundational course for the tactical disciplines with a shotgun. (8 Hrs)
Defensive: Tactical shotgun course, emphasizing the realities of a home defense engagement, including moral responsibility, tactical considerations, and legal ramifications. Live-fire consists of a variety of movement, operational, cover, and low light drills to simulate a home defense scenario.



Our Chief Instructor, Lance Boland, is (in addition to everything else!) an NRA Training Counselor specializing in NRA Certified Instructor courses for qualified candidates to become instructors or add ratings and certifications to their course offerings. Ratings include:
Basic Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun
Home Firearm Safety & Cartridge Reloading
Personal Protection Inside/Outside the Home
Range Safety Officer & Chief Range Safety Officer
(separate NRA rating process)
And more.



Our sister company, Platinum 10 Medical, focuses on the initial vital minutes after a traumatic injury; the "Platinum 10" of the "Golden Hour." Our course offerings here cover everything from basic Bleeding Control up to Trauma Combat Casualty Care and LE based courses. Our courses are NAEMT certified and recognized, and our instructors possess collective decades of experience with hundreds of patients treated.