F.A.S.T. O.C. CCW Course
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this course authorized by Orange County for the Orange County CCW Permit?
A: Yes it is. Both our 16 hour course and 4 hour renewal course have been approved by the OCSD

Q: Do I need to have my initial approval prior to taking this course?
A: No. We will accept students even prior to their initial interview. The reason that this recommendation of waiting until the approval came through was do to the overwhelming numbers that the OCSD was processing. A delay may have resulted in them requesting that you retake the training. The application process appears to be much more efficient now, and we've even heard from students that the background investigators informed them to seek training at their convenience. 

Q: Do you charge extra to qualify me on my additional firearms for my permit?
A: At this time, there is no extra charge for the additional firearm qualifications. 

Q: Do you have coffee at the classroom?
A: Yes, we have two coffee machines at the classroom. (Yes, this really is a frequently asked question)

Q: What do I need to bring to this class?
A: Your primary centerfire handgun (additional handguns if you are adding those to your permit). 250 rounds of ammunition for your primary gun, 70 rounds for each additional firearm that you will be listing. A strong side hip holster, at least 2 magazines with pouches, or 3 speedloaders for you wheelgun shooters, a flashlight and a cover garment. Knee pads have often been suggested as we will be shooting from kneeling positions.

Q: When in the CCW process should I take your class?
A: When you get your initial approval back from the OCSD. This will be via e-mail

Q: Can you help me with my CCW paperwork?
A: Yes, we can assist you via e-mail or phone with your CCW paperwork, regardless of who you are taking your training with. 

Q: What does the coursework consist of?
A: We have a detailed page here that lists the course work: Course Details

Q: Does this course discuss the legal aspect of self defense?
A: Yes, F.A.S.T. O.C. has on staff an intermediate California P.O.S.T. certified instructor that covers the legalities of self defense, storage and transportation of firearms, and interactions with law enforcement as a CCW Permit holder.