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March 23 - 27, 2015 SAFTD Instructor Certification Workshop

The SAF Training Division’s Defensive Firearms Instructor Course is designed to train the experienced shooter how to present the SAFTD handgun courses to the general public using the SAFTD Methods of Instruction (MOI). This course teaches instructor-candidates about group safety strategies, firing line management, presentation skills, assessment techniques, and best practices in adult-education tailored for the context of personal defense training. 

Day 1 & 2:
The Methods of Instruction (MOI) component introduces candidates to the SAFTD teaching standards. This two-day block of training covers effective pedagogy, methods of content delivery and assessment, policies and procedures, professional ethics, public speaking, use of training aids, classroom management, record keeping, and business models of Second Amendment Foundation Training Division. It is designed to ensure that SAFTD courses are taught uniformly across the nation.

Day 3:
Range Officer certification is required of all SAFTD instructors. This one-day block of instruction teaches candidates how to safely manage a firing line. Topics include range set-up, range inspection, emergency procedures, range safety rules and briefings, effective rule enforcement, and public interaction. Candidates will be required to demonstrate mastery of these skills through interactive studentteaching and role play. 

Day 4:
Of course, all instructors are required to have successfully completed the course they are applying to teach. Therefore, all instructorcandidates must first complete Defensive Handgun 1 at the student level before being approved to teach the course. This one-day block of instruction covers basic firearm safety, storage, handgun parts and nomenclature, operation, marksmanship fundamentals, defensive mindset and Cooper’s Color Codes, balancing speed and precision, stoppages and malfunctions, cover and concealment, effective presentation from the holster, and much more. 

Day 5:
After candidates pass the Defensive Handgun course as a student, this final one-day block of instruction will guide them through the transition from student to teacher. While the MOI block instills the SAFTD’s general teaching standards, this block will equip candidates with the specific content and delivery strategies required for Defensive Handgun in particular.

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