Handgun Challenge March 13th 2014.

Thanks to everyone that showed up and made for another fun event!


1st Place: Lex with a score of 382.15

2nd Place: Mack with 371.54

3rd Place: Gus with 368.23

4rd Place: Kevin with 367.85

5th Place: Zach with 365.74

6th Place: Sierra with 364.17

7th Place: Trey with 359.17

8th Place: Debbir with 357.10

9th Place: Al with 333.61

10th Place: Paul with 332.82

11th Place: Eric with 332.26

12th Place: Chelsey with 323.93

13th place: Rick with 300.33

14th Place: Phil with 284.79

15th Place: George with 267.91

16th Place: Lisa with 267.80

17th Place: Dale with 259.52

18th Place: Brian with 238.59