Handgun Challenge March 13th 2014.

Thanks to everyone that showed up and made for another fun event!


1st Place: Lex with a score of 382.15

2nd Place: Mack with 371.54

3rd Place: Gus with 368.23

4rd Place: Kevin with 367.85

5th Place: Zach with 365.74

6th Place: Sierra with 364.17

7th Place: Trey with 359.17

8th Place: Debbir with 357.10

9th Place: Al with 333.61

10th Place: Paul with 332.82

11th Place: Eric with 332.26

12th Place: Chelsey with 323.93

13th place: Rick with 300.33

14th Place: Phil with 284.79

15th Place: George with 267.91

16th Place: Lisa with 267.80

17th Place: Dale with 259.52

18th Place: Brian with 238.59


Zombie Santa Shoot 2013

We had a great turnout - thanks for those that took part and those that pitched in and helped keep things flowing!

The results a were:

1. Gus                         - 360.33

2. Trenton                 - 347.66

3. Eric                        - 335.84

4. Paul                       - 328.80

5. Gloria                    - 323.50

6. Michelle                - 315.91

7. Phil                        - 295.9

8. Brett                      - 286.76

9. Ken                        - 277.85

10. Kristen                  - 237.94

11. Zoe                        - 176.71


The staff results:

1. Lance          - 358.8

2. Chris           - 336.87

3. Ian               - 321.06

4. Pat               - 316.63

5. Dave            - 261.90

7. Paul              - 211.76

8. Lilly-Ann      - 210.17



Calguns (CGSSA) Monthly Meet.

This week was the first week I attended the Inland Empire monthly meet and shoot with Calguns as a volunteer organizer.  I have been to a few before, and made friends with Justin and his girlfriend who have recently taken over running these events and coordinating the grass roots activism side in the IE. I offered to help out and as the meet ups are about new shooters, spend some time coaching anyone who would like some help tightening up their groups.

These meet ups are informal and fun affairs, we get in a pizza have a chat then go shoot. After a while shooting, a little competition is organized with some prizes.

Being me, I love some competition. 

Generally we will have prizes to hand out and like to have these sponsored… so here is a rare picture of me being aware I am being photographed and not hiding. Well, not successfully hiding - that's me crouching down behind some zombie targets.

Calguns Monthly meet up, Inland Empire, San Bernadino Magnum Range.

So, if you are in the IE and somewhere near the Rancho Magnum Range in Riverside come along and have some fun!

- Ian Wright.