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Imagine you and your loved one enjoying a great movie and suddenly during the funniest part, with everyone laughing loudly, gunfire erupts throughout the theater. People start falling over as they try to run, some are crying in pain, and some will never get up again.  

You start to think “how could this happen to US”!!! You are scared and think: will WE be shot next, if WE run we may get hit…? WHAT would you Do? Or more importantly WHAT could you have DONE to prevent getting in this situation?           

Our 5 hour session on Situational Awareness (SA) will teach you, through numerous scenarios, about your options for “What You Should” in these and other situations as well as protecting yourself to not be THE VICTIM!!!!

This is excellent supplemental training for CCW holders.

You’ll gain knowledge relative to:

  • Internal Soft Skills
  • Criminal Thinking
  • Evasion Techniques
  • Various Situation Scenarios & Exercises
  • Defense Craft/Techniques

This session is taught by Mike Beard, a Vietnam Veteran who served 2 tours. In addition, Mike, along with his family, lived and worked in various countries in South East Asia for over 15 years and has traveled extensively through the Middle East and Europe.


LADIES & GENTS: Defend Yourself!!!

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When you’re watching an action movie like Jason Bourne or others you probably wonder what it would be like to have at least some of his “non-bias profiling skills” to determine what “isn’t normal” or is “strange”. These skills make it easier for him to evade what might be trouble or respond to an attack quicker and get away.

This ability is called “Situational Awareness & Defense Craft” and it’s a skill that you can easily learn. The “Defense” element skills are not taught or part of your typical Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, or martial arts training. These are simple defensive skills to quickly end any encounter allowing you to get away.

However, you must be dedicated to not defending yourself in a fair manner; you must take quick action as a Tiger with the criminal as your Prey. This may be a shift in your mentality and it can only be achieved if you are committed to not becoming the Victim.

Physical size, strength, and gender of the criminal doesn't matter; only your will and determination. Think of yourself as the Tiger.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense - Advanced Situational Awareness for the average person

This is a Co-Ed event open to anyone: adults of any age or gender; high school students with parental approval; college students.


For more information or questions about this course contact:

Mike Beard     714.357.6766


Course Fee: $85.00

Scheduled session dates:
Sunday, September 25, 2016 9:00 am