OCSD CCW Modification


OCSD CCW Modification


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Add or change a weapon or weapons to a current CCW License.

This must first be scheduled with Mike Beard, 714.357.6766.

•    Adding one or more weapons [handgun] to your CCW License is fairly simple.
•    The cost is $25 for the instructor to validate your weapon qualification and provide your certificate.
•    The range time takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the number of weapons.
•    The CCW holder must fire 24 rounds for each weapon at distances of 3, 5, and 7 yards for a total of 74 rounds per weapon. 
•    The CCW holder pays the range time for the qualification [approximately $18] and the instructor [approximately $13].
•    We supply the targets for qualification (s); you get photos of your target qualification(s) for your records.
•    You must complete a DOJ amendment form to submit with your certificate of qualification.
•    The DOJ form as well as other amendment information is on the OCSD CCW website: http://ocsd.org/about/info/services/ccw/license_amendments

Required Equipment
Weapons adding to CCW License
75 Rounds of Ammunition for each Weapon
Hearing Protection
Eye Protection