FAST OC Weekday Firearm Orientation Courses

These courses are shortened versions of our comprehensive Basic Courses, for those people who cannot make the weekend dates, or simply want to take a short course to fulfill a training requirement or have an enjoyable and fun-filled half day of learning. 

We offer First Steps courses on weekdays for Pistol, Rifle, and AR-15 disciplines, which serve as a great launching point for brand new shooters or those looking to brush up on the fundamentals. Taught by Hans Paul, these courses are fun and involving for all students. You can find short descriptions of these courses below:

For those interested in more advanced courses, or our basic courses on weekends, check our FAST OC Courses page, or contact us at

Course Descriptions:

Pistol Orientation:
For new gun owners looking for a half-day course, or people looking to try something new, this course starts the foundation of gun safety and good marksmanship. This course provides practical hands-on training to safely handle, load, and fire semi-automatic pistols and revolvers.

Rifle Orientation:
For those looking to add rifle handling and marksmanship to their skill sets and knowledge base; this is the course for you! This half-day course covers the basic safety, handling, and marksmanship fundamentals for modern rifles, including popular sporting rifles and other actions. We primarily shoot 22LR rifles in this course.

AR-15 Orientation:
You will learn the basics of operating an AR-15 platform rifle, as well as learn an overview of available accessories and attachments for this rifle. We will also cover 2017 laws regarding AW components and designs. This course is designed for shooters who would like to add to their knowledge base on this firearm, as well as how to effectively clean and maintain their rifle.

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