F.A.S.T. O.C. League Format

The F.A.S.T. O.C. Couples Sporting Clays League Format was born out of a passion for sporting clays and a desire to have fun. Often times we would create new quirky rules or "tokens" to make the game competitive and more challenging at the same time. 

As our League develops and grows, we encourage all of our members to contribute ideas for new challenges beyond the scope of regular sporting clays and to become as involved in our group as the founding members. Below we've listed our basic format, but no rules are more important than to:

Be Safe, Have Fun, Be yourself


Number of clays per match (per person): 50

Match Cost (Per Couple) $34.00 (.34 per clay x 50 Clays x 2 Shooters) 

Prior to each match, a scoring sheet will be issued detailing the number of clays per station, and the format they will be presented (Report Pairs, Singles, Natural Pair, Etc) 

Prior to the shoot, and subject to randomization per shoot, a set of tokens will be issued to each couple. These tokens may include: "Mulligans", "Take your Partners Shot", "Extra Shells".

We also throw in the occasional skills challenges, such as shooting the station weak hand only, shooting the station with a youth model shotgun and unannounced clays!

We will be giving away prizes as well! Prizes will be award to top couple and top individual shooters! We're also working on some prizes for those who don't fare as well! 


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