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October 20, 2019 FAST OC Basic Rifle Course

  • F.A.S.T. O.C. 1401 North Batavia Street, Suite 107 Orange, CA 92867 United States (map)

While this course primarily focuses on the AR-15 rifle, the concepts, fundamentals, and other actions covered apply to many other kinds of rifles, and plenty are available to shoot in this course, from Ruger 10/22's to M1A rifles and bolt-actions.

This is our FAST OC AR-15 course for those interested in buying or upgrading their AR-15 pattern rifle. We will go over the history and variants of the AR-15 rifle over the years, along with various options for the different components and how they affect the performance of your rifle. We will cover sights and optics, ballistics, and the various calibers available for this rifle, as well as different bullets and how they perform in your rifle. If you have a different style rifle but would like to practice and go over the components and fundamentals of your rifle, feel free to shoot me an email and bring it.

We will be going to the range to sight in and shoot your rifle, if you bring one. If you do not have a rifle, we have several and will provide them, along with ammunition for the course. Please contact with any questions regarding the course, and group and couple discounts are available.