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Introduction To The Handgun

Class time: 2.30 - 5.30

Cost: $80 - includes range fee and ammunition.

This class is aimed at complete beginners and focussed on safety and the fundamentals of marksmanship. 

This class covers responsible ownership of a handgun, handgun safety, handgun operation, marksmanship and fundamentals then concludes at the range with a course of live fire.

Range fee and ammunition are included in the course fee. 

You will be handling firearms in the classroom to familiarize you with operation and safe handling.

This is a fun and interactive class designed for the entire family to enjoy and learn about safety, marksmanship and sportsmanship with a firearm. 

In the range portion of the class students will apply what they have learned starting with .22 handgun and an instructor steering them towards consistent accuracy before moving on to shoot a modern 9mm pistol.

After the class concludes at 5.30 there will be a question and answer session for an hour either at the range or back at the classroom for anyone that would like to attend.

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